Sheriff Issues Halloween & Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

By Sheriff Marco Lucero
Los Alamos County

The Los Alamos County Sheriff’s Office has the responsibility to provide information to the community regarding convicted sex offenders residing in Los Alamos County. Offender Watch is a sex offender mapping and alerting service, which aids citizens in avoiding dangerous homes.

In Los Alamos there are approximately seven registered sex offenders and we want you to know where they reside so that you can avoid those houses when trick-or-treating. The Los Alamos Sheriff’s Office locates and verifies the addresses of sex offenders within the county, but it is crucial that our citizens visit our website, to see who the registered sex offenders are in their area and where they are living. Citizens are encouraged to check any address where they or their family may spend time.

The mapping and address feature found on the website pinpoints the exact address where an offender lives. You will also find many other beneficial tools such as the ability to sign up for FREE automatic email notifications informing you if an offender moves within a specified radius of any address you register.

The alerts are in real-time and sent out via e-mail as soon as a new offender has registered with the Sheriff’s Office. If you are not planning on trick-or-treating in your own neighborhood but will be in a friend’s or family’s neighborhood you can register their address beforehand so you know which houses to avoid. You can register any or all of the addresses where your children spend time such as daycares, grandparent’s homes, or babysitters.

The benefit of registering for this free and confidential e-mail alert service is that it allows us to monitor your important addresses for you, thereby keeping you up to date on newly registered offenders. With this service there is no need to constantly recheck your area.

If you would like to take advantage of this valuable service, go to our website listed above, click on the “Locate Registered Sex Offender” button and follow the instructions. The site is fast and simple to use so don’t forget to sign up for the free email alerts.

We encourage everyone to have a fun and safe Halloween. Knowledge is power and knowing where the offenders reside can help you make the best choices to ensure your safety and that of your children. In furtherance of the county’s public safety efforts, the Los Alamos Sheriff’s Office will be adding patrols throughout Los Alamos County on the evening of Oct. 31.

For further information contact: Los Alamos Sheriff’s Office 505.662.8028.

Stay Safe,

Sheriff Marco V. Lucero