Sheehey: Support LA Public Schools And UNM-LA

Los Alamos County Councilor

Having hada scientific career in Los Alamos, I know I owe a lot to good public education. That’s one of the reasons I will vote Yes for the 2017 Los Alamos Public Schools Bond and the UNM-LA 1-mil levy. Both institutions have solid records of getting maximum value for taxpayers’ dollars. These two funding sources will allow them to continue their important contributions to our community.

The LAPS Bond will not increase our property taxes. It will continue the Schools’ strategic funding plan approved by voters in 2009 and 2013. This stage of the plan will continue renovation of our over-40-years-old elementary schools, and make some needed improvements to LA High School.

UNM-LA has been providing valuable services to our community, despite having its state support cut severely over the last 10 years. Many high school students are able to take early college courses there (for which UNM-LA is not allowed to collect tuition). UNM-LA is also responsive to the need for vocational training in our community, and offers help for local business development.

The UNM 1-mil levy would increase property tax $67 per year on a $200,000 house. As a County Councilor, I will work to increase the County’s low-income property tax rebate, so that this or any other increase will not place a burden on those least able to pay. I believe the benefits to the community far exceed the cost to us. Please join me in supporting good education in Los Alamos: vote Yes for the LAPS Bond and UNM-LA levy.