SFI Seminar: Behind the Scenes at Nature

Alexandra Witze

SFI News:

12:15 p.m. • Wednesday, Feb. 19 • Collins Conference Room • 1399 Hyde Park Road • Santa Fe

Nature news correspondent & SFI Journalism Fellow, Alexandra Witze, will discuss Behind the Scenes at Nature at Wednesday’s SFI Seminar.

Abstract: Nearly every scientist has a classic story involving Nature, be it a rejected paper or a peer-review clash or a quote in the news section. As former US news chief for the magazine, now a contributing correspondent, I’ll try to demystify the workings of the journal. I’ll discuss the differences between the news and manuscript sides of the magazine, and perhaps we can start a lively debate about the future of peer-reviewed publications in the era of open access.

Note: Members of the public are welcome to bring their lunch.

SFI Host: John German

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