September Beer And Food Pairing At The Tub


Bathtub Row Brewing Coop and Pig + Fig Cafe present a September Beer + Food Pairing.

The event is 4-6 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 11 at 163 Central Park Square in the heart of downtown Los Alamos, and everyone is invited. 

For tickets, visit For information, call 505.500.8381.


First Plate

  • Sautéed shrimp, garlic lemon beurre blanc, sourdough crostini
  • Tres Litros Saison

Second Plate

  • Brochettes of jamon serrano, crenshaw melon, manchego cheese
  • Green Chile Pilsner

Third Plate

  • Potato paprika bisque, chorizo iberico
  • Mild at Heart

Fourth Plate

  • Beef tenderloin tips, red wine reduction, cabrales cream
  • Red Hammer Ale

Fifth Plate

  • Triple cream cheese, peach thyme compote
  • Caldera Sundown Wheat IPA

Sixth Plate

  • White chocolate panna cotta, mulberry jam
  • Razzberry Beret