Senate Passes Memorial Celebrating Fifth Anniversary of International District


SANTA FE–The New Mexico State Senate passed Senate Memorial 90, recognizing the fifth anniversary of the “International District,” previously known as the “War Zone.”

Sen. Tim Keller, D-Bernalillo led the charge in 2009 to erase the negative “War Zone” label by changing the name of the area in Albuquerque to the “International District.” That was accomplished with the 2009 passage of Senate Joint Memorial 24, which mirrored county and city legislation.

“Our desire for a new identity truly came from the ground up. We have much to be proud of, much to celebrate, and we offer the broadest international experience you can get in New Mexico. In our community, Native Americans and New Mexicans, whose families have been in New Mexico for hundreds of years, live alongside recent immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and many other countries,” Keller said.

The area includes neighborhoods centered around Louisiana, between Central and Zuni, comprising the communities of La Mesa, Trumbull, South San Pedro, Elder Homestead, Fair West and surrounding areas.

Recent improvements in the area have included: the expansion of Turquoise Lodge and MATS facility, the Ed Romero Terrace, refurbishment of the Sundowner Hotel and Luna Lodge, the Albuquerque Housing Partnership’s affordable single family housing, the Extreme Home Makeover property, cultural artwork around Talin Market, the new UNM SE Heights Healthcare Clinic, the new PB&J Services SE Heights Center, the new Veterans Integration Center, East Central Ministries Dental Clinic, the new Molina Clinic and an expanded First Nations Clinic.