Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Receives Olmsted Medal

U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehous

ASLA News:

The American Society of Landscape Architects awarded U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse the prestigious Olmsted Medal for his unwavering support for projects that utilize sustainable, resilient design to protect the environment, preserve the coasts, and promote the health, safety and welfare of communities.

Every week, Sen. Whitehouse gives a speech on the Senate floor in Washington, D.C., calling his colleagues to action to combat climate change. In his 200th speech, he said:

“[…] he most obvious fact standing plainly before me is not the measured sea level rise at Naval Station Newport, is not the 400 ppm carbon dioxide barrier we have broken through in the atmosphere, is not the new flooding maps coastal communities like Rhode Island must face, nor is it the West aflame. It is not even the uniform consensus about climate change across universities, national laboratories, scientific societies, and even across our military and intelligence services, who warn us that climate change is fueling economic and social disruption around the world. The fact that stands out for me, here at number 200, is the persistent failure of Congress to even take up the issue of climate change.”

Sen. Whitehouse has not given up on his efforts to correct that failure, and that commitment has earned him this honor.

For more information, visit ASLA, The Olmsted Medal.