Sen. Candelaria Calls Upon Legislature to Fund Bullying Prevention Act

Sen. Jacob Candelaria


ALBUQUERQUE—In light of new state revenue projections, Sen. Jacob Candelaria D-26-Bernalillo renewed calls today for the state of New Mexico to fund student-centered, effective bullying prevention programs statewide.

“I was bullied growing up because I was different, so I can relate and understand the damage bullying can do to a child,” Candelaria said. “Our fundamental duty to New Mexico students requires that we stand up, speak out and support student and community efforts to eliminate bullying in our schools.”

This will mark the second year that Candelaria has sought state funding to support bullying prevention work in New Mexico schools. In the 2014 legislative session, Candelaria sponsored the Carlos Vigil Memorial Bullying Prevention Act—legislation named in memory of Carlos Vigil, a Los Lunas teenager and bullying prevention advocate, who took his own life because of bullying.

Candelaria’s legislation would appropriate $200,000 annually to support student-centered, bullying prevention work in public schools and charter schools. This bill would make New Mexico a national leader in the fight against bullying.

“Bullying is a sad and frightening reality that too many New Mexico students live through every day. I pray our legislature will step up to the plate, pass this bill and stand strong for the health, safety, and growth of every child,” Candelaria said.