Seeking Players for Los Alamos Jr. Golf Booster Fundraiser


 The Los Alamos Jr. Golf Booster Fundraiser is set for 1 p.m. Shotgun Sat., Aug. 10 .

Entry: $50 includes prizes and dinner after the round. All entries will go entirely to the Jr. Golf Association. It will help offset the cost of the LAHS Golf Team and Los Alamos Jr. Golf Programs. (Entry does not include green fees or cart.)

Format: Team Quota

Stroke play. This is a great format for any level of player. Players with 36 handicap or higher will not be required to get any points. So any points they make is a plus for your team.

Each team is required to get to a certain number of points or quota based on each player’s handicap. Handicaps will be adjusted to the blue tee rating. Red tees will lose 2 shots from there handicap and white tee players will lose 5 shots from there handicap.

The sample below is an example or how the team’s quota is determined:

1st player has a handicap of 9. Subtract 9 from 39, which equals 30

2nd player has a handicap of 15. Subtract 15 from 39, which equals 24

3rd player has a handicap of 18. Subtract 18 from 39, which equals 21

4th player has a handicap of 30. Subtract 30 from 39, which equals 9

Team Total Quota 84 points

Scoring is based on each player’s gross score:

Double bogey or higher 0 points, 1 point for Bogey, 2 points for Par, 4 points for Birdie, 6 points for Eagle and10 points for a Double Eagle.

Scoring is a follows:

Player #1 pars, he gets 2 point.

Player #2 pars, she receives 2 points.

Player #3 birdies he receives 3 points

Player #4 Double bogies he receives 0 Points.

The team total points for the 1st hole is: 7 Points

The teams that get the most points over their team total quota for 18 holes wins. If none of the teams reach their 18 hole quota the teams closest to their quota will win.

Make up your own team of 4 or sign up as a single, 2 some or 3 some.

Entries available at the golf shop come by or call us at 662 – 8139.

The entry deadline is 5 p.m., Aug. 7.


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