Security Tightens At Pajarito Cliffs Site

Los Alamos Daily Post

Representatives of Los Alamos County Departments housed at the Pajarito Cliffs Site east of the airport met Wednesday with Los Alamos Police Department officials to discuss ways to improve security at County facilities located there.

County Manager Harry Burgess told the Los Alamos Daily Post Thursday that new security measures have already been introduced and others are in the works in response to recent burglaries at County facilities and the theft of a truck last week. He said all staff have been instructed to ensure all buildings, vehicles and personnel walkways have been properly secured before leaving the site after their shifts.

LAPD is investigating the incidents and video surveillance from the area is being reviewed including footage from the traffic cameras at the top of Camino Entrada. The security gate, which was damaged during the theft of the truck is being repaired and an old school bus is being parked in its place to secure the parking area after hours.

The stolen truck was recovered undamaged Monday morning from an arroyo near Pojoaque.

Police patrols have been stepped up in the area since a Jan. 8 burglary at the site, maintaining a regular presence in the area during the night and early morning hours, Burgess said.

“We are doing everything we can to harden the target to prevent future incidents,” he said.

Los Alamos Public Schools Director of Facilities and Transportation Keith Rosenbaum said LAPS buildings at the site have not been burglarized in the last two years. He said some items have been removed from vehicles but that there hasn’t been a break-in.

“Security is discussed at our regular safety meetings,” Rosenbaum said. “Even so, we are being even more conscientious in light of recent events.”

A $400 reward is being offered by Los Alamos Crime Stoppers for any information on the recent incidents. Call 505.662.8282 or LAPD Dispatch at 505.662.8222. Reporting individuals can remain an anonymous.