‘Science on Tap’ Features Jon Engle Thursday, Nov. 20

Jon Engle

BSM News:

The next installment of the Bradbury Science Museum’s (BSM) “Science on Tap” is 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 20 at the Manhattan Project Restaurant in downtown Los Alamos.

Jon Engle, a Los Alamos National Laboratory postdoc researcher, will talk about the Laboratory’s isotope program and their efforts to make medically useful radioisotopes. Uses of these fall into two categories generally: diagnostic and therapeutic. Diagnostic technologies are fairly mature in nuclear medicine and as such they do a great deal of good out in the clinic.

Treating disease with radioisotopes is not a very new idea, but success in humans is. The field is dynamic and progressing rapidly thanks to several new technologies that the Laboratory plays a role in developing!alongside many other entities in the international community.