Science of Signatures Seminar Feb. 12


NSEC – Institute for Geophysics, Planetary Physics and Signatures, announces the Science of Signatures Seminar Series 1-2 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 12 at the Research Park, 2nd Floor, 203A Conference (Hot Rocks Cafe.)

Speaker Sanna Sevanto, EES-14, will discuss “Watching Water Flow Through Trees to Assess Climate Change.”
Water vapor flux through the stomata of plants (transpiration) is one of the key components linking the atmosphere to the land surface. In global scale, plants return about 60 percent of the annual precipitation to the atmosphere, helping control land surface temperature and regional-scale precipitation patterns, and stabilizing both the energy and water cycles. Water transport from the soil to the atmosphere though plants is intrinsically linked with ecosystem carbon uptake, because water availability to plants controls the opening of stomatal pores, which allow CO2 uptake for photosynthesis.

In this talk, Sevanto will discuss how plant structure affects stomatal control of carbon uptake and water loss during drought, and how different drought response strategies of plants could affect ecosystem responses to changing climate.

For additional technical information contact the presenter: Sanna Sevanto, 505.664.0232,
This event is hosted by Jon Schoonover, Institute of Geophysics, Planetary Physics and Signature Science at the IGPPS Center.