Schultz: Setting The Record Straight

Democratic Party of Los Alamos County

The Los Alamos Monitor got it wrong in their article of 11/18/18, “Tarin Nix: Local strategist helps turn LA Blue”.

It appears that the Monitor is looking for a reason that local Democratic Party Candidates swept all the Los Alamos races. This article seems to point to a political strategist as the reason.

Tarin Nix has run Stephanie Garcia Richard’s campaigns since the final weeks of her 2012 campaign. And she has been successful, including Stephanie’s latest win in her race for State Land Commissioner. I applaud Tarin (and Stephanie) for their successful races, but Ms. Nix is not the reason that Los Alamos Dems swept the local races in 2018. Our success came down to 2 things:

  1. Excellent, well-qualified candidates who worked hard to get their message out; and
  2. A large grass-roots effort that included over 100 volunteers. Volunteers who knocked on thousands of doors and called thousands of phones in Los Alamos during this election cycle.

Christine Chandler did have a professional campaign manager, Katharine Clark, who ran a great campaign and helped Christine with her overwhelming win. But Christine was also the most-qualified candidate and she worked incredibly hard for months to win her seat. Christine also inspired many local residents who contributed to her campaign and numerous volunteers who contacted voters.

The Democratic Party of Los Alamos County has been rebuilding since 2010. Stephanie Garcia Richard’s first campaign got us started and hundreds of volunteers over the years have kept us going.

A political operative at the root of our success makes for an intriguing story, but the Monitor is really underestimating our local voters.  Los Alamos voters are smart and well informed – they voted for the most qualified candidates and they turned out in record numbers.

Great candidates, fantastic volunteers, and informed voters made it happen.