Schoonover Family Shares Need For Donations To Dominica Devastated By Hurricane Erika

The Schoonover family. Courtesy photo
Last winter our family was fortunate to visit the beautiful island of Dominica, “the nature island” of the Caribbean.
During our time there, not only were we able to appreciate the natural beauty of its forests, waterfalls, boiling lake and coral reefs, but we also met and became acquainted with many of its incredibly welcoming, friendly, hard-working, and knowledgeable inhabitants.
We have visited several foreign countries and nowhere did we feel more welcomed than when we set foot in Dominica. The people of Jungle Bay and Dominica left a long-lasting impression on each one of our lives.
Unfortunately, Dominica and its people suffered greatly recently when Hurricane Erika hit the island. Lives were lost, villages destroyed, and the locally owned resort we stayed at, Jungle Bay, is no more.
Jungle Bay cannot rebuild due to land instability, and the nearby village of Petite Savanne must be permanently relocated. The kind people who welcomed us to Dominica have lost loved ones, their homes, all of their possessions, and those who worked at Jungle Bay have lost their livelihood.
If you are able, we encourage you to consider donating to assist with the recovery effort here. To read more about the hurricane damage and relief fund, please visit here.
And finally, in a few years once Dominica has had a chance to rebuild, we encourage you to visit the island and see for yourself what makes it such a special place.
Thank you in advance,
The Schoonover Family
Dominican locals on a hillside. Courtesy photo
Shoonover family at Jungle Bay resort. Courtesy photo
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