School Delays, Cancellation, Early Dismissals

LAPS News:
Los Alamos Public Schools has issued the following message to help prepare for the winter of 2016-17:
  • The decision to close school or delay the start of school will usually be made by 5:30 a.m.;
  • Official announcements will be made via the media, district web page, LAPS School Messenger, the school district’s information line (505.663.2223), and each individual school line;
  • LAPS will be coordinating with LANL and the County on all decisions about a delayed start, cancellation or early dismissal;
  • In general, if the Lab is on a delay, school opening will be delayed; if the Lab is closed due to weather, the schools will usually be closed; and
  • When school is dismissed early or cancelled for the day, all after school programs including athletics (both home and away contests) and activities are cancelled.
Delayed Start
Elementary Schools on Wednesdays: no school when there is a delay, YMCA programs start at noon, Pre-School is cancelled.
Two-hour delay: Buses will arrive at bus stops two hours later than the usual pickup time. 
Students should arrive at school for these start times:
  • High School – 9:50 a.m.;
  • Mid School – 10:00 a.m.; and
  • Elementary schools – 10:20 a.m.
Parking lots will usually be cleared 7:30 a.m. and ready for buses and cars. Sidewalks will usually be cleared by 8 a.m. Please allow the maintenance staff to clear the parking lots.
When you see snow and ice on the roads
  • Make safety the first priority;
  • Consider getting up earlier than usual to clear snow and provide extra travel time;
  • Be extra cautious when driving;
  • Wear footwear that helps prevent slips, trips and falls;
  • Take advantage of the learning opportunities as weather provides an incentive for students to write stories, learn science, and even calculate travel times;
  • If possible, allow students to talk about their experiences getting to school in the snow;
  • Exercise special patience;
  • Snow and ice can cause stress; thus, try “giving an extra hand to your neighbor”; and
  • Remember that people have different tolerances for weather and we want to be understanding of each other.
Information Lines:
663-2277  Aspen Elementary
663-2732  Barranca Mesa Elementary
663-2472 ― Chamisa Elementary
663-2327  Mountain Elementary 
663-2682  Pinon Elementary
663-2374  Middle School
663-2512  Topper Freshman Academy and High School
663-2230  District Office