School Board To Meet Tuesday

LAPS News:
The Los Alamos Public Schools Board will meet at 5:30 ap.m. Tuesday, April 17 in the Adminisrtation Office’s School Board Room located at 2101 Trinity Dr., Suite V.
The meeting is open to the public.
1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Call to Order  President Jennifer McCumber will call the meeting to order
3. Roll Call
4. Routine Business/Approval of Agenda  Approval of Agenda
5. Recognition by the Board  National History Day Regional winners, presented by Brent Collom  Science Bowl Winners, presented by Kathy Boerigter and Lindsey Fullop
6a. Student Council Report
6b. Public Comment for items not on the agenda
7. Routine Business/Consent Agenda Items
7.1 Approval of Minutes  School Board Work Session March 22, 2018
7.2 Budget Report
7.3 Journal Entry Report
7.4 BARS 7.5 Disposals
7.6 Revised Lease Agreement with the United States Government, Pueblo Complex
7.7 Amended and Restated Lease Agreement with the Los Alamos Makers, LV-1 & LV-2 7.8 Policies  Policy Title    6143 Copyright  6146 Student Input
8. Presentations and Recommendations of the Superintendent and Information for the Board  Item Strategic Plan Focus Area___
8.1  New Mexico School Board Association * Student Learning   Scholarship Nomination   Presented by Ellen Ben-Naim
8.2  Gift Donation * Fiscal Responsibility   Presented by Kelly Taylor
8.3  Climate Survey *      Student and Staff Well-Being   Presented by Kurt Steinhaus and Excellence
8.4  Los Alamos Public Schools Budget for   Fiscal Responsibility 2018-19 School Year *   Presented by Kurt Steinhaus and Lisa Montoya
8.5  IDEA – B Application *     Student Learning   Presented by Karla Crane
8.6  Broadband E-Rate Certificate *    Fiscal Responsibility   Presented by Kurt Steinhaus
8.7  Los Alamos Public Schools/Los Alamos County Quality Facilities    Joint Use Agreement *   Presented by Kurt Steinhaus
8.8  Part-Time Employee Resolution *   Teacher and Staff Well-Being   Presented by Kurt Steinhaus
8.9  Review Summer Schedule for School Board  Innovative Leadership   Strategic Plan, Policy Review and Board Self Evaluation   Presented by Jennifer McCumber    * Action Items
9. Board Correspondence 
10. Board Requested Discussion or Action
11. Future Business Regular School Board Meeting on May 8, 2018 in School Board Room 
12. Executive Session School Board President Jennifer McCumber will ask for a MOTION to go into a closed Executive Session (Section 10-15-1(H)(4) and (7) of the New Mexico Open Meetings Act)  to discuss collective bargaining agreements involving the public body and union Section 1015-1 (H)(5); Section 10-7E-17 (G) of the Public Employee Bargaining Act as allowed in the Open Meetings Act NMSA1978.  
13. Collective Bargaining Agreements * 
14. Adjournment
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