School Board Special Meeting: Superintendent Search

LAPS News:

The Los Alamos School Board met for a special meeting Tuesday with the singular focus of discussing the search for a new school superintendent.

The School Board voted 4-1 to engage an executive search firm to assist in the hiring of the new superintendent.

“The most important thing we can do as a school board is select our next superintendent,” Board President Melanie Colgan said.

School Board Vice President Ellen Specter and board member Christine Bernstein volunteered to serve on a committee to design the RFP (request for proposal). President Colgan and board member Stephen Boerigter will work on researching firms to receive the RFP.

Last week, Dr. Hugh Prather presented three options for a superintendent search:

  • Board directed and board conducted;
  • Externally facilitated by NMSBA and board directed; and
  • Essentially a turnkey headhunter that searches nationwide.

Board members weighed the pros and cons of each option, including the costs associated with using a turnkey headhunter.

“This route would give us access to a much larger national pool of candidates,” Specter said. “I think where we are, being in the middle of a pandemic, doing anything other than hiring a turnkey headhunter would be a disservice to our district. It would be money well spent.”