Scenes Of Latest Progress On Omega Bridge Project

Ironworkers and painters working together to improve the Omega Bridge. Photo by Gayle Geis-O’Dowd/LANL

A painter hangs in a basket painting the railing recently on the Omega Bridge. Photo by Gayle Geis-O’Dowd/LANL

By Gayle Geis-O’Dowd

Work on the Los Alamos Canyon Bridge (Omega Bridge) is expected to be completed at the end of September – weather permitting.

Work on the bridge’s west side is expected to continue for about two more weeks. The crew is cleaning, painting and repairing the railings on the west side.

To further increase pedestrian safety, the crew will add a fence to the bridge. Crews also will install a gutter to capture and remove rainwater and replace and paint the railings on the east side.

As a reminder, the bike path is closed 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays. The path reopens as close to 4 p.m. as possible. Signs and barricades are removed at that time.

A big thank you to the ALDCP’s Construction Management and ALDFO’s Utilities and Infrastructure Division for coordinating this huge project and to the Logistics Division in ALDFO for their smooth execution of the work.

Diamond Drive work to upgrade the tunnel under Diamond Drive will start Sept. 7. Diamond Drive will close to through traffic between Embudo and Eniwetok until early October. Improvements include removing the old tunnel, adding a new tunnel, improving accessibility and lighting and general cleaning.

As a reminder, access to buildings on the west side of Diamond Drive will remain the same.

On the east side, parking lots can be accessed near Eniwetok. Parking areas near Grable also will remain open. For access to utilities and the steam plant, use Grable Road.

TA-35 parking lot

The TA-35 parking lots between TA-35-0455 and TA-35-0189 are now closed until December 2022. Parking alternatives include the lots at TA-50 and TA-63.

NM 502

The New Mexico Department of Transportation is planning road repairs for N.M. 502 on the eastern edge of Los Alamos to get underway in September.

A crew assists an ironworker in the basket painting the railing on the Omega Bridge. Photo by Gayle Geis-O’Dowd/LANL