Scenes From Volunteer Fair At Chamberfest

At the ‘Volunteer Fair at Chamberfest’ booth sponsored by Los Alamos Community Foundation in partnership with Leadership Los Alamos and United Way Northern New Mexico, visitors browsed volunteer opportunities available with more than 25 local nonprofit organizations. Photo by Madelyn Crotzer

The Volunteer Fair booth received interest from visitors of all ages. Photo by Martha Katko

Quite a few youth stopped by the Volunteer Fair booth. This young lady was looking for opportunities to volunteer at the animal shelter. Photo by Madelyn Crotzer

A young mother and baby visit the Volunteer Fair booth. Photo by Martha Katko

An individual signs up to volunteer with Atomic City Children’s Theater. Photo by Madelyn Crotzer

Those who stopped by the booth were entered into a $100 drawing, with the prize split between the winner and a nonprofit of their choice: $20 to the winner and $80 to a nonprofit that serves the Los Alamos community. Photo by Madelyn Crotzer

LACDC Marketing Manager Ryn Herrmann checks out the many different volunteer opportunities available as Kristy Ortega of UWNNM explains possibilities. Each nonprofit created rack cards highlighting the existing volunteer opportunities within their organization. Photo by Sarah Crotzer

Martha Katko of Leadership Los Alamos and Laura Crotzer, a volunteer with Los Alamos Community Foundation, assist a community member with their volunteer signup. Photo by Sarah Crotzer

The joy of Otter Pops in summer! Kristy Ortega of United Way Northern New Mexico hands out the frozen treats to a line of waiting youngsters at the ‘Volunteer Fair at Chamberfest’ booth. Photo by Martha Katko

Olivia Ortega, daughter of Kristy Ortega, closes her eyes tight in concentration as she draws out the winning entry. Assisting Olivia, from left, LACF board member Pat Soran, Olivia’s mom Kristy Ortega, Olivia, LACF board member Ken Milder, and Sarah Crotzer. Photo by Martha Katko

Kristy Ortega reads out the winning entry belonging to Peggy Hickman. The $100 grand prize featured $20 for the drawing winner and $80 awarded to a nonprofit of their choice that served Los Alamos. Hickman requested that LACF decide which nonprofit will share in the grand prize. Photo by Martha Katko

It’s all smiles from the booth volunteers at the ‘Volunteer Fair at Chamberfest’ booth after the winning entry has been determined. From left to right: Madelyn Crotzer, UWNNM director Kristy Ortega, LACF board member Pat Soran, Olivia Ortega, LACF board member Ken Milder, and Sarah Crotzer. Courtesy photo