Scenes From Toppers Against St. Pius Sartans

The Topper boys soccer team huddles-up before the beginning of their game against St. Pius Sartans at Sullivan Field Saturday morning. The Sartans are ranked as one of the top boys soccer teams in the state and wasted no time in showing it. They pretty much dominated the game on both offense and held the Toppers to only one goal while scoring 2 goals to win the match. The Toppers defense had their job cut out for them and did well to hold the Sartans to only 2 goals while on the offensive sice, the Toppers struggled to get past the Sartans defense. Photo by John McHale/

Miguel Chacon and a couple of Sartans try to get control of the bouncing ball. Photo by John McHale/

Team Captain Jesse Prime heads the ball past Marcus Garcia in the first half. Photo by John McHale/

Jesse prime slide tackles the ball away from herb Rios near the Topper goal. Photo by John McHale/

Goalie Jaxson Martinez makes a goal saving block as Levi Barela moves into play. Photo by John McHale/

Nilesh Mukndan and Zach Pena work the ball near mid field in the first half. Photo by John McHale/

Arthur Steinkamp make a centering pass near the Sartans goal. Photo by John McHale/