Scenes From Thursday’s Little League Tee Ball Game

First baseman Jonah Byerly puts pressure on Andrew Gilbertson during the Los Alamos County Little League Tee Ball game Thursday at the North Mesa Ball Fields. Photo by John McHale/
Marlin batter Neal Somasekhaen gets a nice hit off the Tee. Photo by John McHale/
Ranger second baseman is ready for any ball that comes his way. Photo by John McHale/
Marlin Coach Eron Kersteins gives Kellan Bowder a fist bump for a nice hit. Photo by John McHale/


With the Los Alamos County Little League season in full swing, the Tee Ball teams of the Rangers in blue and Marlins in black met Thursday at the North Mesa Tee ball field for an event filled game.

The rules for Tee ball are a bit different than regular baseball. For starters, there is no pitcher on a mound but instead the ball is placed on a tee and batters hit the ball from there.

Each player will take their turn at bat until all players on that team have batted. Then the inning is over and the other team comes to bat. Each batter may only progress one base at a time to keep the game moving.

There is no score for the game and when all of the innings are played, everyone is a winner.

Ranger player Andrew Gilbertson moves in to make a play on a grounder as Jeremiah Brake moves in to back him up. Photo by John McHale/
First baseman Jonah Byerly isn’t quite ready for this ball. Photo by John McHale/
A group of Ranger infielders try to field a grounder as the runner makes his way to first. Photo by John McHale/
This Ranger runner at first checks the sign with the coach, do I stay or do I run? Photo by John McHale/
Look mom, I made it to first! Photo by John McHale/