Scenes From Parenting University At UNM-LA

Participants attending Saturday’s parenting workshop at UNM-LA assess their personality colors. Photo by Nancy Coombs/UNM-LA

Dr. Scott Campbell answers questions from participants during Saturday’s parenting workshop. Photo by Nancy Coombs/UNM-LA

UNM-LA News:

Parenting University: Tool Up for Parenting 2016 took place Saturday at UNM-Los Alamos. The workshop was held with support from the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board.

Dr. Scott Carroll, associate professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the UNM School of Medicine, presented a broad overview of mental health in children to the parents gathered at UNM-LA.

Diane Marasciulo, a nationally certified school psychologist, introduced participants to True Colors Parenting & the Harmonious Home.

Parenting University was developed three years ago as a way to serve the community, after a discussion between Judge Alan Kirk and UNM-LA’s Dr. Cindy Rooney and Kay Willerton regarding the needs of parents.


Kelly Dolejsi and Juvenile Justice Advisroy Board (JJAB) Program Coordinator Claire Beauparlant have a discussion during the break. Dolejsi attended the workshop with her husband. Photo by Nancy Coombs/UNM-LA

UNM-LA Community Education Program Manager Gabe Baca distributes handouts to participants during the parenting  workshop. Photo by Nancy Coombs/UNM-LA

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