Scenes From K Of C Free Throw Championship

This past Saturday the Los Alamos Chapter of the Knights of Columbus hosted the District round of the Free Throw Championship competition. The event was held at Griffith Gymnasium in Los Alamos for boys and girls ages 9-13. This was the District portion of the competition with the winners progressing to the State Competition March 17 at the Bernalillo High School Gymnasium. Pictured are the 14 boys and girls who participated in the competition. Photo by John McHale/
Eight boys and girls won the right to advance to the State Competition. From left, Rayanna Vilarde, Eluyario Rivera, Deandro Lopez, Meredith Brown, Abraham Sanchez, Lukas Ulibarry, Cayla Revera and Ryan Aldaz. Photo by John McHale/
Rayanna Vilarde, from Espanola, won the girls 13 year old and advances to state. She scored 17-25 to win. Photo by John McHale/
Eluyario Rivera from Espanola won the 9 year old category to advance to state, shooting 15/25 to win. Photo by John McHale/
Deandron Lopez shot a 22/25 to win the boys 10 year old and advanced to state. Photo by John McHale/
Meredith Brown from Los Alamos won the girls 11 year olds by scoring 3/25. Photo by John McHale/
Abraham Sanchez from Los Alamos scored 11/25 to win the boys 12 year olds. Photo by John McHale/
Lukas Ulibarri from Los Alamos won a State Title last year and is well on his way to win another this year. He won the 11 year olds with a score of 21/25 and is headed to state again. Photo by John McHale/
Cayla Rivera from Espanola won the 13 year olds title as she scored 10/25 to advance to state. Photo by John McHale/
Ryan Aldaz from Los Alamos won his 13 year old category with a score of 21/25. Photo by John McHale/