Scenes From Chamisa Elementary 50th Birthday

From left, Chamisa Art Teacher Renee Mitsunaga, parent Joanne Kozuchowski, Dr. Peter Gilman, Sue Gilman and Principal Suzanne Lynne at the 50th birthday celebration Friday of Chamisa Elementary School in White Rock. Chamisa opened it’s doors in 1967. It was a new idea; an ungraded school with few real walls and Peter Gilman was at its helm. Young Gilman would later receive his doctorate because of the innovative concepts he brought to life. Courtesy photo

Mrs. Lettlier and the choir perform Friday night at the Chamisa 50th birthday celebration. Courtesy photo

Staff member and former student Venita Chavez, left, Dr. Peter Gilman and alumni Elise Chavez. Courtesy photo

Dr. Peter Gilman, left, former student Ward Rupperecht and future 2018-2019 kindergarten student and granddaughter. Courtesy photo

Ryan Rushton revises his role of Peter Gilman at age 38 with Natalie Cardon who was enthralled with the idea of the design. Courtesy photo