Scenes From 46th Annual Tour De Los Alamos

The early morning start time has bikers scurrying to get ready including Quinn Abtalterer for the 46th Annual Tour de Los Alamos held Sunday in Los Alamos. The race is said to be the oldest in the southwest. Sunday drew 59 bikers in the 27-mile course that runs the loop around Bandelier and the Truck Route and ends at the intersection of East Jemez Road/West Road on LANL property. The race includes categories to match participant abilities. Photo by John McHale/

Senior pro men riders escorted down Trinity Drive to the race course on lab property. Photo by John McHale/

The senior men cat 4 riders line up waiting for their turn to start. Photo by John McHale/

Senior pro men riders on N.M. 4 after leaving White Rock and headed to the Truck Route. Photo by John McHale/

Joseph Bacala of Albuquerque leads the pack of senior pro men riders on the first lap near White Rock. Photo by John McHale/

Senior men cat 4 riders head down N.M. 4 to the Truck Route turn to head up the hill to the Lab site. Photo by John McHale/

Quinn Abtalterer of Los Alamos leads the senior men cat 4 riders on N.M. 4. He was the eventual cat 4 winner, with two 27-mile laps in a time of 02:32:39. Photo by John McHale/

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