Scenes From 2019 LAPD Special Olympics Torch Run

Special Olympics athletes, police officers, police personnel and American Legion Post 90 representatives gather for a group photo Thursday morning prior to the start of the annual 42-mile Torch Run up Trinity Drive and all the way to Jemez Springs. Photo by John McHale/

Local Special Olympics Chairman Cmdr. Oliver Morris briefs Special Olympics athletes, gathered Thursday morning with Police Chief Dino Sgambellone, on the day’s events ahead of the 42-mile Torch Run. Photo by John McHale/

Special Olympics athletes from left, Micah McCown, Sam Zimmerly and Addy Montoya. Photo by John McHale/

Cmdr. Oliver Morris thanks Dan Mack, representing the American Legion Post 90 for their generous $500 donation to the Special Olympics. Metzger’s of Los Alamos also contributed to the event. Photo by John McHale/

Dan Mack from American Legion Post 90 chats with athletes before the race. Photo by John McHale/

Participants in the 2019 Los Alamos Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run make their way Thursday morning up Trinity Drive with Addy Montoya in the lead followed by Micah McCown with the torch, Cmdr. Oliver Morris, Sam Zimmerly and Shaylene Mays. The annual 42-mile Torch Run got underway at the Los Alamos Police Department and continued to Jemez Springs. The event is sponsored by law enforcement departments across the state and began in 1981. Photo by John McHale/


Special Olympics athletes and police runners runners head up Trinity Drive. Photo by Kateri Morris
Running through the Valles Caldera from left, Kim Roberts, Kateri Morris, Stacey Ogan, Ofc. Robert Larsen with his daughters and Ofc. Chris Hammond. Photo by Oliver Morris
Ofc. Jay Eakins running through the Valles Caldera. Photo by Kateri Morris
Happily trekking along from left, Chris Hammond, Ofc. Tim Lonz and Ofc. Robert Stephens. Photo by Kateri Morris
After 42 miles, the runners end the 2019 Special Olympics Torch Run relay in Jemez Springs where they were greeted by the Jemez Police Chief. Special Olympics Chairman Cmdr. Oliver Morris expresses appreciation to all those involved with the event including Special Olympics athletes and runners, donors, Jemez springs police and staff. Courtesy photo