Scenes From 2017 Entrepreneur Of The Year Feyzi Fatehi Talk At ProjectY Cowork Los Alamos

Feyzi Fatehi speaking at projectY cowork. Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

projectY News:
projectY cowork Los Alamos hosted a talk by Feyzi Fatehi, Tuesday, March 27 at 150 Central Park Square. Fatehi is a visiting entrepreneur from California, the CEO of Corent, and was recently named “2017 Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Orange County Business Journal.
Audience members had the opportunity to meet a world-class entrepreneur and learn about current trends in Cloud technology, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and other innovations, such as:
  • Disruptive Trends Driving Software Innovation.
  • Novelty & Value of Leveraging Public and Private Cloud architectures.
  • Who Wins, Open Source Deployments or Private Cloud/SaaS?
  • Is it Democratization or Commercialization — Or can they be leveraged?
  • How to Build or Design Software that the Market Needs vs. Tech Push.
  • Hear about Corent’s successful strategy for raising ~$20MM in angel capital.
  • How to scale an enterprise-class software venture with on-shore and off shore developers and customer support teams — AND
  • How Corent recently attracted away a C-level executive from Microsoft to join the team.
About Feyzi Fatehi
Feyzi Fatehi is the CEO of Corent Technology, Inc. based in Aliso Viejo, Calif. Corent is named a Top 10 Most Valuable Cloud Solutions Provider in 2017, and Fatehi’s a 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Orange County Business Journal. He’s a Silicon Valley veteran of a Fortune 100 and multiple disruptive technology start-ups.
Courtesy photo
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