Savanna Strother Top Predictor In weekly Pace Race




Savanna Strother, 9, is the best predictor in the weekly pace race Tuesday in Walnut Canyon on North Mesa with a 15 second difference off her predicted time.

Other accurate predictors are:

  • Ted Romero at 19 seconds off;
  • Mark Bjorkund with a 20 second differential;
  • Anna Teterovskaya recording 23 seconds off; and
  • Pavel Trudolyubov with a 29 second difference.
On the 1 mile course 11-year-old Leyton Stuhah was the best finisher at 7:09 and Becky Chamberlin was the top female with a time of 8:39.
Aaron Jackson was the first on the 3 mile course recording a 24:03 and Sanna Sevanto was the best female at 27:21.
Next week’s race is at the County ice skating rink on West Road in Los Alamos Canyon and will go to the reservoir and back. 1 and 3 mile courses will be available. For more information, call 505.672.1639 or visit the club’s website at
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