Sara Scott Discusses Interest In Seat On Council

Sara Scott visited the Los Alamos Daily Post recently to discuss her reasons for entering the race for Los Alamos County Council. Photo by Carol A. Clark/


Los Alamos Daily Post

Sara Scott is running for a seat on the Los Alamos County Council on the Democratic ticket and stopped by the Los Alamos Daily Post to discuss her reasons for entering the race.

“Living in Los Alamos for close to 30 years – raising children, working at the Laboratory, and enjoying our recreational (hiking, skiing, mountain biking, golfing…), cultural, and educational opportunities, has provided me with a broad perspective regarding the many benefits that Los Alamos and White Rock have to offer. It has also provided a perspective on changes the County will be going through in the upcoming years; changes that will present challenges, but also opportunities to make our community stronger,” Scott said. “I would like to put my leadership experience to work to help the County thrive as we move forward.”

Scott explained that she draws her leadership experience from her roles as scientist, division leader and program director at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Her responsibilities included budgets of more than $100 million a year, more than 400 staff, diverse facility operations and constructive engagement with federal program leaders.

“I have always sought to engage contributors and stakeholders to formulate creative but realistic goals and to clearly communicate strategies for achieving those goals,” she said. “I have a fundamental respect for diversity of ideas and approaches that are essential for real progress on hard challenges. In addition, I’ve served as many others do, to support activities and initiatives in the community.”

Scott lists the following developments she believes will provide important opportunities and potential challenges as the community moves forward:

  • The upcoming contract change at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL);
  • Changing demographics that will affect housing and community service needs;
  • Evolving environmental conditions and the impact on resources and recreational activities our community strongly values and are important for tourism;
  • New energy needs and options for the County; and
  • Increased partnering with our Northern New Mexico neighbors to promote mutually beneficial economic, environmental goals and influence with decision makers.

“To proactively make change work for us, I propose to focus on strategies that address potential changes in Gross Receipts Tax revenue, creative options for promoting development of needed housing and services, protection and evolution of our recreational and tourism opportunities, incentives for expanding the use of cost-effective renewables, and support for partnerships that are advancing shared values and strengthening the vitality and sustainability of Northern New Mexico,” Scott said. “These focus areas support the County’s published 20-year vision and goals and are intrinsically linked; for example, development of affordable housing options will support the growth of businesses and services for a changing demographic, grow our tax base, and support LANL as the County’s #1 employer. The interconnected nature of these types of initiatives is underscored in the Los Alamos 2016 Comprehensive Plan.”

Since her retirement from LANL, Scott said that she feels she has the time and a duty to commit to the community in a more focused way.

“I’ll be out in your neighborhood, hosting open meetings, and identifying other opportunities to ask for and listen to your input about what you value, are concerned about, and how the County Council can help keep Los Alamos County the amazing place that it is today,” she said.

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