Santa Fe Magistrate Judge Dismisses Charges Against Fidel Naranjo Of Los Alamos In May Shooting Incident

Fidel J. Naranjo
Los Alamos Daily Post

Santa Fe Magistrate Court Judge George Anaya, Jr., has dismissed without prejudice four charges against Fidel J. Naranjo, 52, of Los Alamos in connection to a May 31 incident in Santa Fe County where Naranjo allegedly shot another man, Michael Gonzales, in the leg.

Court documents dated Aug. 1 indicate that the charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, two counts of aggravated assault and one count of negligent use of a firearm were dismissed because of “failure of the proecutor to proceed within time limits”.

According to Court documents Santa Fe County patrol deputies responded at around 10:30 p.m. to a Santa Fe home because of reports that a man had been shot and that the subject was still on the scene.

The first caller to dispatch, Andrew Gonzales, said he and his brother Michael Gonzales had driven to the address along with Monica Tarango because Naranjo owed Michael Gonzales money. He said Naranjo opened the door with a gun and shot Michael Gonzales in the leg and that after Naranjo fired the shot, he and his brother walked back to their vehicle while Naranjo continued to point the gun at them. He told dispatch that Naranjo had fired his gun twice.

Court documents indicate that Naranjo claimed that when he opened the door Michael Gonzales punched him in the mouth and then punched him in the face and head five times. He said Andrew Gonzales never battered him but was coming at him. He also claimed that during the physical altercation he was able to reach for his pistol, remove it from the holster, rack the slide on the pistol and point it at the Gonzales brothers, telling them to get the (expletive) off his porch.

He claimed the two brothers kept coming at him, so he fired two shots above their heads. He said they didn’t stop so he shot Michael Gonzales in the leg. Naranjo claimed he fired two shots into the air to back the Gonzales brothers off and chose to shoot Michael Gonzales because he didn’t want to kill him.

Attorney Andras Zanthos filed an entry of appearance June 12 in the case, however there is no indication that a representative of the District Attorney’s Office filed an entry of appearance on their behalf. Naranjo was slated for a preliminary hearing June 27 before Judge Anaya and was free on a $5,000 unsecured appearance bond and GPS after the Court found Naranjo posed a danger to the alleged victims and the community at large. Court records indicate Naranjo was released June 27 from GPS and other pretrial conditions of release.

The Los Alamos Daily Post reached out to First Judicial District Attorney Marco Serna Monday afternoon for comment but has not yet received a response.