Santa Fe Demonettes Defeat Toppers 56-64

The Los Alamos Topper girl’s basketball team has a final cheer before play against the Santa Fe High Demonettes Tuesday night in Griffith Gymnasium. The Toppers had a strong first half and went to the locker room with a 35-23 lead. When they returned to the court for the second half, the energy was left in the locker room and the Toppers were not able to keep pace with the Demonettes, especially Taylor Salazar who had 35 points for the game. The Toppers lost 56-64. Photo by John McHale/

Alex Calderon works the ball past Aaliyah Lucero in the first quarter. Photo by John McHale/

Mattie Ruminer and Serina Aguiliar go up for a rebound under the SF basket and Ruminer ended up with the ball and shot a 2 pointer. She had 5 points for the night. Photo by John McHale/

Becca Green goes in for a layup as Amber Lucero closely guards her. These two players were in each others face all night. Photo by John McHale/

Michaela Gonzales has her eye on the basket, but Amber Lucero and Angie Perez have other plans. Photo by John McHale/

Reyna Morales and Gabby Malczewski each reach for the loose ball in the left corner near the Demonette basket. Photo by John McHale/

Natalie Gallegos goes up for a shot in the 3rd quarter. She had 13 points for the night. Photo by John McHale/

Becca Green guards Taylor Salazar. These were the two high point scorers for each team, Green with 14 and Salazar with 35. Photo by John McHale/