San Ildefonso Pueblo Tries To Reach Agreement With Santa Fe County Over Roads And Access

San Ildefonso Pueblo Gov. James Mountain earlier this month at his office. Photo by Carol A. Clark/
SANTA FE San Ildefonso Pueblo leaders met this week with Santa Fe County officials in an attempt to finalize negotiations on a proposal put forth by the Pueblo to address access issues regarding County Road 84 running through its land.
Unfortunately, negotiations ended in an impasse when Santa Fe County officials stated they were unwilling to move forward on the County Road 84 proposal.
Pueblo leaders are extremely disappointed in Santa Fe County’s decision as they have been working hard to find a resolution to long-standing egress and ingress issues on Pueblo land that is fair to all involved, including the San Ildefonso Pueblo, private land owners and the County.
For the past two years, the San Ildefonso Pueblo has been trying to actively engage Santa Fe County in negotiations to no avail. The Pueblo went as far as paying for a comprehensive boundary survey of all the land involved. The County would not share in the cost for a detailed analysis of the land in question. Upon completion of the survey, San Ildefonso presented Santa Fe County with a copy of the survey and the following proposal:
  • The Pueblo will grant Santa Fe County a perpetual no cost right-of-way for the portions of County Road 84B and County Road 84 from the intersection of Povi Kaa Drive and Buu-Pin-Gae to the east Pueblo grant boundary;
  • The entire road shall be renamed by the Pueblo;
  • No admission of trespass by the County;
  • The County will acknowledge that the offered right-of-way is an interest in the land for a roadway and the title does not transfer to the County and the Pueblo shall retain jurisdiction over the right of way; and
  • The County agrees to pave, repave and relocate parts of County Road 84 as approved by the Pueblo.
“We have been deeply committed to finding a fair resolution to the long-standing issues surrounding the roads on our Pueblo land, including County Road 84,” San Ildefonso Gov. James Mountain said. “Clearing up these issues is a top priority of our Pueblo, and we know how important it is for the residents of the area. Unfortunately for all of us, Santa Fe County is not as concerned.”
The above proposal would have resolved more than 50 percent of the outstanding road access issues on San Ildefonso Pueblo. Pueblo Officials had planned to use an agreement regarding County Road 84 as a basis to resolve all other outstanding road issues in a timely manner.  
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