Saint Job Holiday Cookie Sales Underway

Cookies for sale. Courtesy photo
Foxhole. Courtesy photo
Once again, Saint Job of Pochaiv Orthodox Christian Church is taking orders for its holiday cookie boxes. This year, as in years past, the proceeds from the box sales are donated to Foxhole Homes.
Located near Alamogordo, Foxhole Homes aims to alleviate the widespread problem of veteran homelessness and disconnection, by providing environmentally friendly and low-cost to veterans that find themselves in a difficult situation.
The homes are built using “Earthship” technology, which utilizes recycled and non-traditional materials to keep costs and energy consumption low. Residents will be able to use “sweat equity” in the building and purchasing of the homes.
Renewable and sustainable agriculture are being used to transform part of the property into a food forest. Cottage industries, camp grounds, and social services also are in development to support future residents.
For more information about Foxhole Homes, visit Foxhole homes is a registered 501c3 non-profit.
The cookie boxes contain a wide variety of treats from traditionally Orthodox lands hand made by the people of the church, and are perfect for gift giving.
To place an order for a holiday cookie box, send order to or call and leave a message at 505.412.6031. Cookies will be available for pick-up at the church noon to p.m., Dec. 16.