‘Sacrifice and Service: The American Military Family’ Opens In Library Gallery Dec. 4

An exhibit from ‘Sacrifice and Service: The American Military Family’ opening Dec. 4 at Mesa Public Library. Courtesy photo


“Sacrifice and Service: The American Military Family” will be on display Dec. 4 through Jan. 2 in Mesa Public Library’s Upstairs Gallery.

The exhibit is on loan from the Museum of the American Military Family (MAMF) in Albuquerque, a nascent museum, which does not yet have a permanent location of its own. There will be a public reception 5-7 p.m  Dec. 4 in the Gallery. Director of the MAMF Dr. Circe Woessner will be on hand for the opening of the exhibit in Los Alamos. She is a former overseas “brat,” whose husband served in the Army for 20 years before his retirement.

The exhibit’s debut showing was earlier this year at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. The exhibit focuses on several themes, including everyday family life for military families, family members as unsung heroes, loss and grieving, and the importance of different forms of communications between families and those serving in the military.

The exhibit includes several ways for visitors to interact. One way that visitors can contribute is by adding to “Operation Footlocker,” a traveling repository of items and memorabilia put together by Military Brats. Many generations of Military Brats grew up with footlockers—their transient lifestyle meant that their possessions had to be easily fit into something that could be packed up and moved away at a moment’s notice. Toys, books, keepsakes—anything that didn’t fit, often had to be left behind. The Museum is asking for contributions to its travelling footlocker exhibit, such as written memories of military family life or memorabilia.

The Upstairs Art Gallery at Mesa Public Library hosts shows by local and regional artists, as well as travelling exhibits, 10 to 12 times each year. The Friends of the Los Alamos County Library System support the Gallery and many other programs.