SABRE: Top Five Reasons To Carry Pepper Spray

January is National Personal Self Defense Awareness Month, and SABRE – a pepper spray used by police and consumers worldwide – is dedicated to educating citizens on the importance of realistic self-defense options. 
Unfortunately, no matter how proactive you are, there’s still a chance of a worst-case scenario – which is why it’s so important to have a self-defense tool on hand. SABRE has a product for every lifestyle, including the Quick Release Key RingPen Pepper Spray and Lipstick Pepper Spray models.
Top Five Reasons to Carry Pepper Spray:
  • Protection at a safe distance—why go hands on?
  • Very practical—protection against multiple threats
  • Convenient—legal to carry in all 50 states
  • Ideal for everyone—doesn’t require size or strength to use*
  • Proven effective—police worldwide carry pepper spray 
For those too young to carry pepper spray, SABRE personal alarms are another powerful safety option. A handheld personal security alarm is like a security system for your body. Comparable to keeping an alarm in your house to warn against would-be intruders, you can keep this personal body alarm on hand to use when you need urgent help.
SABRE Personal Alarms:
  • Extremely loud: Alarms can be heard up to 1,000 feet (300 m) away 
  • Most user-friendly: Sleek, modern, and compact design makes alarms easy to carry with key ring, wrist strap, and clip options
  • Broad consumer appeal: A personal safety option for any age