Ryan Barnes Cited For Assault On Local Bus Driver

Ryan Keith Barnes

Staff Report

Ryan Keith Barnes, 39, of Los Alamos was cited for assault on an Atomic City Transit bus driver March 1 after police were called to the transit center at the intersection of Diamond Drive and East Jemez Road.

The driver reported that after he took over his route for his shift, Barnes rode the bus for several hours without getting off but never caused a problem.

When the driver told Barnes that when he arrived at the transit center, he intended to get off the bus to take a break, Barnes asked if he could smoke a cigarette on the bus. When the driver told Barnes he needed to get off the bus if he wanted to smoke, the police incident report states Barnes “became upset, gathered his belongings and stated, ‘I will (expletive) you up’ and ‘I will kick the bus windows in if you don’t let me back on’”. The driver allegedly asked him to, “stop talking in that manner unless he wanted him to call the police”, to which Barnes reportedly said, ‘Fine, call!’.

The driver called the police but Barnes allegedly boarded another bus and when the driver asked him to dismount, Barnes proceeded to board another bus and eventually a third bus. When the driver asked him to leave the bus, the police report says Barnes became “upset” and began “pointing at him in an aggressive manner” and “finally took a swing” at the driver who was far enough away that Barnes did not hit him. Barnes then left the area.

Police later located Barnes at the Municipal Court and he denied getting into an altercation with the driver. The police press report for the week indicates that he was arrested March 3 for disorderly conduct.