Ruybal Faces Probation Violation Hearing

Los Alamos Daily Post

Casandra Ruybal, 28, of Los Alamos will be back in First Judicial District Court Nov. 20 for a probation violation hearing. If found guilty of the violation, probation officials have asked that she be remanded into custody to serve the remainder of her sentence in the Department of Corrections.

Ruybal was arrested Feb. 23 after Los Alamos Police Department responded to a report that a woman was trying to cash stolen checks at the Los Alamos National Bank branch in White Rock. Bank officials also discovered that Ruybal had attempted to cash another stolen check at the Los Alamos branch.

LAPD Cpl. James Keane asked Ruybal if there was anything in her car that he should be aware of and she responded, “no”. Keane told her he believed she was lying and she told him there was “some foil” in the car.  Keane asked her if there was heroin there as well and she allegedly responded, “only what’s on the foil”.  Ruybal was charged in that case with one count of forgery and one count of fraud.

Feb. 28, Det. Matt Lyon implemented a search warrant for Ruybal’s vehicle. His statement of probable cause indicated that he found multiple ripped baggies, 12 green LANB deposit slips, and a wallet with Ruybal’s driver’s license, a Visa card with someone else’s name on it, and an LANB ATM card with no name on it as well as a check with Ruybal’s name on it and her mother’s name on it as the signature.

Also in the wallet were two pieces of paper with her mother’s signature on them “written over and over as if someone was practicing the signature”. Lyon also found a metal rod with a black tar-like substance on the end of it, a Camel tin with a purple plastic bag containing a white powdery substance, three plastic straws with the same type of powdery substance and foil with a black residue on it.

Lyon allegedly also found more evidence that Ruybal had taken deposit slips and had written more checks to herself on her mother’s account. She was charged with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, and receiving stolen property.

The two cases were bound over to District Court and a plea agreement was reached June 12 that allowed Ruybal to plead guilty to one count of forgery of $2,500 or less and one count of possession of a controlled substance. In return, Judge T. Glenn Ellington granted Ruybal conditional release and three years of supervised probation with drug court. The possible sentence range for the two charges was a maximum of three years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Documents filed in District Court by probation officials indicate that Ruybal still has not reported to drug court and has tested positive for controlled substances several times since her June sentencing. In addition, she was arrested by LAPD Sept. 1 for driving on a suspended license and speeding in a school zone. Probation officials said Ruybal is “unable to comply with her orders of probation and can’t stay clean until she is admitted to drug court”.

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