Russian Delegation to Visit Los Alamos March 25


Los Alamos–Sarov Sister City Initiative (LASSCI) is preparing to host a Russian Delegation from its Sister City of Sarov March 25 through April 3

The visit will involve a VNIIEF Group Leader who is also an elected member of the Sarov Duma (analog of a U.S. County Council), a local journalist, an English teacher, and two persons involved with human resources in Sarov and VNIIEF.

The delegation will have opportunities during their visit to meet with media representatives including those from the Los Alamos Daily Post to learn how media work in a community like Los Alamos – how the media interact with local government and citizens, sources of revenue, licensing requirements and procedures and how citizens find expression through the media.

LASSCI represents the Los Alamos County Council in implementing all Sister City activities. These have included reciprocal visits by students, doctors, dentists, business people, librarians, educators, social workers and other citizens.

These exchanges have broadened mutual understanding between the two communities, promoted broader Russian understanding of the U.S. and its people, and facilitated ongoing communication with impacts in the cultural, social, educational, business and political arenas.

LASSCI Official Visit 2013

Delegation Profile:

Dmitry Vyachislavovich Avdeev

Position: Head of Research Group, VNIIEF

Dmitry is an elected member of the Sarov City Duma, and a hard-working person, spending most of the time in his office.

He’s interested in politics and participates in Sarov’s political life.

He likes visiting new places and always tries to learn as much as possible about the people there, their traditions, nature, local cuisine, and so forth.

He is married and has a son and a daughter.

Elena Nikolayevna Babinova 

Position: Editor in Chief, Sarov Newspaper, “News of the City.”

Interests – Elena likes traveling, especially around Russia, she’s already visited more than 50 cities and villages.

She likes art, history, theatre, music and ballet. She wants to learn about american culture, the nature of this area and its people.

She’s an active person, enjoys sports and keeping fit.

Babinova has a daughter who lives in Moscow.

Oxana Olegovna Gorelova

Position: English Teacher (On Leave)

She is not working at present because her daughter Liza is 1 year and 10 months old.

She intends to return to teaching school in September.

She hasn’t had language practice for two years, which is why she said taking this  trip to the so important to her.

She also would like to know more about life in small American cities, as she has only seen New York and San Francisco with thousands of tourists, shops and cafes.

She enjoys reading, especially English and American literature, watching movies and swimming. She is learning German now.

When abroad, she prefers walking and visiting museums and galleries.

Irina Nikoayevna Starostina

Position: Head, Department of Social & Labor Relations, VNIIEF Office of Personnel Management

Starostina is working in the field of creating and developing social programs for VNIIEF employees.

She’s interested in the sphere of constructing and developing social infrastructure – housing, cultural, sports, questions of money support for building houses for VNIIEF employees, organizing sports and cultural events, helping young families and youth policy.

She likes art and history.

Natalia Alekseyevna Kochetkova

Position: Manager, VNIIEF Sports Center

Kochetkova has been working in the social sphere since 1993.

She is responsible for sports development in VNIIEF. She’s keen on sports and is a great fan of VNIIEF athletes.

In her spare time, she enjoys taking photos of her friends and family. While traveling she likes visiting local museums and art galleries.

She enjoys spending time outdoors, especially with her dog.

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