Russell Posegate Serves As Principal For The Day

Mountain Elementary School student Russell Posegate delivers the morning announcements in his role as Principal for a Day. Photo by Jennifer Guy
Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus, Mountain Principal for a Day Russell Posegate and Mountain Principal Jennifer Guy prepare to get down to business. 
Los Alamos Daily Post

Mountain Elementary School student Russell Posegate assumed control of his school Tuesday, Nov. 1, as Principal for the Day.

Posegate won the temporarily leadership role during the silent auction event that was part of the school’s Halloween Carnival. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) hosts the annual carnival as a fundraiser.

As principal, Posegate ate lunch in the teacher’s lounge, participated in a PTA meeting in which he made a recommendation on what to fix on the school’s playground, took part in bus duty, made morning announcements, wrote a grant for snowball targets for the school and hosted a school assembly.

Also, Posegate earned the opportunity to meet with Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus who encouraged Posegate to tell him what he wanted for his school. So what did Posegate think about stepping into his principal’s shoes?

“It’s awesome,” he said. Mountain

Elementary School Principal Jennifer Guy told him, “You did a good job.” 

Principal for the Day Russell Posegate takes part in the PTA meeting. Photo by Jennifer Guy


Mountain Elementary School student Russell Posegate meets with Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus Nov. 1 at the school administration building. His meeting was part of Posegate’s duties as Principal for the Day, which he won during the Mountain’s Halloween Carnival. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/