Ruby K’s Bagel Café to host ‘Seven Strategies to Sell More in Los Alamos’

Marketing expert Steve Roller will lead a discussion on improving sales Tuesday. Courtesy photo

At 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 30 Steve Roller will lead a Ruby K’s Community Hour discussion about specific strategies Los Alamos businesses can use to sell more, and how Los Alamos can sell itself as a community.

Steve Roller is a web copywriter, travel writer and an expert on what motivates people to buy. His website is

“In the summer of 1986, after my freshman year at UW-Madison, I had the wonderfully crazy job of selling educational books door-to-door, 81 hours a week, on straight commission, 1,500 miles from home,” Roller said. “You can’t help but learn how to sell in that situation. You learn how to read people quickly, how to figure out their wants and needs and hopes and fears, and how to quickly grab their attention.”

After mastering the art of selling, he combined those skills with writing and his career took off. Roller’s job is to sell with words, online or in print. 

Last year. Roller wrote a video script for a fitness marketer that increased their sales by 50 percent.

“I love to write, I love to sell, and I love to travel, and each one plays a part in my life as a copywriter,” Roller said.

Can Roller’s ideas make an impact for small businesses in Los Alamos? Only if they’re put into action.

Join the discussion at Ruby K’s Bagel Tuesday.

Ruby K’s Bagel Café is at 1789 Central Ave., Suite 2 in downtown Los Alamos.

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