Roxana Candia Top Predictor In Tuesday’s Pace Race

Runners and walkers get course instructions Tuesday for the Aug. 25 Atomic City Road Runners Pace Race. Courtesy photo
Participants in the one mile race including some of the youngest runners head out for Tuesday’s Pace Race. Courtesy photo

ACRR News:

Roxana Candia is the top predictor with a 4 second error in the weekly pace race Tuesday on N.M. 501 (West Jemez Road).

Ryan Smeltzer was close behind at 7 seconds off, followed by Jackie Peckham with a 9 second differential. Other noted predictors were Mark Bjorklund at 18 seconds off and Inez Ross recording a 27 second difference.

There were two separate races conducted. One a 1 and 3 mile course available on the paved road and the other a 1 and 3 mile distance on the hilly trail just off the road.

On the paved course 5 year old Anders Medin was the fastest 1 mile finisher with a 17:16 time and Inez Ross was the top female recording a 17:51. In the 3 mile distance Nikol Strother was first at 21:17 and the best male was Rigo Chavez with a 22:42 time.

On the trail course Brian Newnam was the best finisher in the 1 mile distance recording a 14:13. Valerio Pinchetti was the top finisher in the 3 mile course at 23:35 and Sanna Sevanto was the first female with a time of 25:56.

Next week’s race is 6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 1 at Pinon (Rocket) Park in White Rock on Sherwood Boulevard across from Smith’s. 

The paved course will feature 1 and 3 mile distances and will be the annual “Staggered Start” run where runners will start based on their predictions; slower predictors will start sooner than faster predictors, and ideally everyone would finish at the same time if each participant is accurate with their predicted time. 

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