Rotary Youth Exchange Student Gives Presentation

Markus Essl gives presentation about his year living in Los Alamos. Photo by Hal Davis
Rotary Youth Exchange student Markus Essl of Austria recently gave a presentation at Rotary about his high school year in Los Alamos as part of Rotary International’s youth exchange program. 
He and Frederiek Gerretschen of The Netherlands were sponsored by the Rotary Club of Los Alamos and were hosted by local families on a three-month rotation. 
Rotary Exchange students Frederiek Gerretschen and Markus Essl. Photo by Lisa Harris

Essl and Gerretschen will return to their home countries in July. 

Both students commented that a year abroad is “not a year in your life, but a life in your year.” The local Rotary Club will welcome a new student, Krissi Wellis of Brandenburg, Germany, in August for the new school year. 
Rotary offers exchanges for students 15-19 years of age in over one dozen countries in Europe, South America, and Asia. 
High school students who are interested in studying overseas through Rotary will find information at or may contact local Club coordinator Lisa Harris at
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