Rotary Highlights Young People And Their Contributions

Rotarian Bethany Douglas, chair of the Students of the Year committee, presented the first of nine awards given this year by Rotary Club of Los Alamos to LAHS junior Victoria Cummins. Cummins, an excellent student, was applauded for her service to the community. Cummins was joined at the lunchtime meeting by her parents, Steve and Shawna Cummins. Photo by Hal Davis

Nine-year old author Denim Padberg of Dixon spoke about his book How Relative is Relativity? An 8-Year Old’s Guide to Quantum Physics at the Rotary Club of Los Alamos on Tuesday. He is both gifted and dyslexic, and while he loves its challenges and its advantages, he said, ”it is very hard to be both.” His interest in physics began when he was less than three years old when he was introduced to the world of dinosaurs. That led to asteroids, space, and quantum physics. He attends a charter school in Taos, is working on a novel now, and is a budding artist. He was joined by his mother, Michele Padberg, a member of the Rotary Club of Santa Fe, and his grandmother, Angela Bartley of Taos. Photo by Hal Davis