Rotary: Espanola Y Teen Center Director Sandoval

Ben Sandoval, director of the YMCA Teen Center in Espanola, recently spoke at the Rotary Club of Los Alamos about Team Intergalactic, the students from the YMCA who traveled to China in July to compete in the Entrepreneurial Challenge Category of the RoboRAVE International robotics competition. The project had to show an application for improving conditions in the world. Sandoval and three students of the eight-person team were able to travel to Guangdong with their project, a robotic, programmable solar-and-wind-powered irrigation system on a track, which had already won at regional levels. As well as smartly-crafted robotics, the Entrepreneurial Category of RoboRAVE requires participants to design brochures and business cards about their product. While in China, Team Intergalactic also visited the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Team Intergalactic, which is an all-inclusive group of students, will compete again. Sandoval remarked that the YMCA program has given students in Espanola ‘opportunities rather than obstacles’. The Los Alamos Family YMCA operates the YMCA Teen Center in Espanola. Photo by Linda Hull