Rooney: Thank You To The Voters Of Los Alamos

Thank you banners are placed across UNM-LA Mil Levy election signs throughout Los Alamos and White Rock following tonight’s vote by Los Aamos residents to pass the MIl Levy. Courtesy photo

Thank you to everyone in the Los Alamos community who with their votes and various actions have demonstrated their support for UNM-Los Alamos. We are grateful for the election results supporting the mil levy request. In addition, we are very appreciative of the discussions, letters of support, Facebook posts, donations to UNM-LA, and campaign donations that occurred during the election campaign.

We want to congratulate the Los Alamos Public Schools on their election results. They do an excellent job in our community and we hope to continue to grow our partnerships related to dual credit, the Early College and Career Academy, the Community Internship Collaboration, and other programs.

It has been said that, “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” This is certainly true regarding the positive momentum that we are experiencing at UNM-LA and the success of this election campaign.

I am extremely thankful to the people who work on our campus and show their commitment to excellence every day. We are sincerely thankful to all of the individuals who assisted with this campaign in any way. Special thanks to the amazing efforts of the campaign coordinators, James Robinson and Laura Loy, and their team. Thank you to all of the individuals who wrote compelling letters of support; the people who supported us on social media; and to all of the people who helped with the campaign in  various ways. The support has been both amazing and humbling.

We learned a great deal during the campaign. Many individuals shared their stories of how UNM-LA had made a difference in their lives. Several people have ideas for new programs that we should consider. 

We are committed to serving our community and to working with others to help make Los Alamos a better place. Let’s keep the dialogue open. Let’s keep our momentum moving forward.

On behalf of UNM-LA, thank you for your support.