Romero Top Predictor In Pace Race Season Opener

Runner Ted Romero, second from right, was just 1 second off his predicted time in the 45th annual season opener of the Atomic City Pace Race early Tuesday evening on the Canyon Rim Trail. Courtesy/ACRR
Runners bliss is evident as they head out for the first Pace Race of the season. Courtesy/ACRR
ACRR News:
Longtime Los Alamos runner Ted Romero was just 1 second off his predicted time in the 45th season opening Atomic City Pace Race Tuesday on the Canyon Rim Trail. 
Other top predictors include, Felix Candia with a 20 second differential, William Strother, 9, recording a 21 second difference as well as being the first finisher in the 1 mile distance at 8:57, Linda Vance at 22 seconds off and Libby Nolen, 11, and Ian Cunningham, 11, at 26 seconds off and both being the first place finishers in the 1.5 mile run at 14:44 and 14:47 respectively.
Savanna Strother, 10, was the top 1 mile female finisher recording a 9:00.
Becky Chamberlin was the best finisher in the 2 mile distance at 20:48 and Logan Wolen, 7, was the first male finisher with a 26:19.
In the 3 mile race Luke Hetrick was the top finisher at 19:40 and Nikol Strother was the best female finisher recording a 20:18.
Next week’s run is 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 10 on the pollution control plant access road near the bottom of Main Hill, N.M. 502, just past the junction of N.M. 4 and taking a left next to the State Highway Maintenance area.
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