Romero Best Predictor In Tuesday Pace Race

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ACRR News:
Ted Romero is the best predictor in Tuesday’s pace race, being only 2 seconds off for his prediction for 5 miles adjusted to 3 miles.
Tuesday’s pace race was a fairly-flat 1-mile paved-loop mainly on Estante Way in Pajarito Acres. One could run any number of loops but with a requested time of 45 minutes or less. All distances from 1 to 5 miles were done.
The fastest runners for the 1 mile are Majorie Keiler and Gillian Erickson (both 15:28) and Bob Reedy (15:44). For 2 miles, the fastest were Sean Thomas (16:00) and Savannah Strother (22:12). For 3 miles, Zeke Wilmot (26:09) and Beth Davenport (33:49) were the fastest. The only 4-mile runner was Nikol Strother (39:41).
The fastest 5-mile runner is Ryan Smeltzer (37:01).
The smallest differences between actual and predicted times in seconds, adjusted to 3 miles, were Bob Weeks (132) and Marjorie Keiler (174) for 1 miles, Sean Thomas (45) and Sonja Behnke (63) for 2 miles, Mary Snow (31) and Zeke Wilmot (111) for 3 miles, Nikol Strother (166) for 4 miles, and Ted Romero (2) and Ryan Smeltzer (22) for 5 miles.
Next Tuesday’s Pace Race will start in the parking lot next to the Aquatic Center. There will be 1 and 3 mile runs on trails and a 1-mile paved course. For more information, call 505.672.1639 or visit the Atomic City Roadrunner’s website:
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
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