Rojas Has Perfect Prediction In Weekly Pace Race

Runners gather Tuesday for the ACRR weekly pace race on the Aquatic Center Trail. Courtesy/ACRR

ACRR News:

Aurea Rojas had a perfect prediction for her 33:00 time in the weekly pace race held Tuesday on the Aquatic Center Trail. 

Other accurate predictors are: 

  • Zach Medin with a 3 second differential;
  • Ted Atkins, Senior at 6 seconds off;
  • Roxana Candia with a 21 second difference; and
  • and Felix Candia at 24 seconds off.

In the 1 mile paved course, Adrian Medin, 10, was the best finisher recording a 7:09 and the first female finisher was Anna Ferenbaugh, 12, at 10:11.

Logan Nolan, 11, had 10:44 for top finisher on the 1 mile trail distance and Denise Robertson was the best female finisher recording a 15:22.

On the 5K trail run Matthew Kerr had a time of 23:45 for first place and Priscila Rosa was the top female with a 30:46.

Next week’s race is 6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 21 and will be held just past the traffic circle at the junction of North Mesa and Barranca Mesa heading North on North Mesa Road and immediately turning left into the parking area.

1 mile paved and 3 mile trail runs will be available.

For more information call 505.672.1639 or visit the Club’s Website.