Rocky Mountain National Park … Worth Every Mile

Mills Lake at the top of a trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo by Connor Hoch/

A waterfall on the way to Mills Lake. Photo by Connor Hoch/


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Rocky Mountain National Park located, near Estes Park, Colo., is a great opportunity to lose yourself within the trees and the great paths that you can trek on.
You may encounter lots of people but they are taking in the same things as you. The park is great for everyone, people who love to hike and people who don’t. The scenery is beautiful from the trees on the ground to the vast mountains that can be seen from a little higher up.
The park has various pretty sites. While trekking on the Mills Lake Trail, one of the more beautiful places on the trail is the waterfall, which is particularly eye-catching because of the scenery around the area.
Overall, Rocky Mountain National Park is a great experience for everyone. The Park offers trails from beginner hikers all the way to advanced trekkers. It also offers a variety of trails for horse riders and hikers alike. The park, according to the National Park Service website, was once home to natives 11,000 years ago. Many of the relics that are found there are broken spearheads and other similar objects.
The park was founded in 1915 when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Rocky Mountain National Park Act. According to the National Park website, the park covers 265,769 acres. Each year, more than 4.5 million people visit the park, according to
A breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains on the way to Mills Lake. Photo by Connor Hoch/
An Aluvial Fan, which is a geological feature that has been made from erosion in the shape of a fan mainly made of sandstone and other minerals. Photo by Connor Hoch/
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