Rick Nebel Discusses DC Transformer Project Jan. 24

The Hive, 134 N.M. 4, is hosting it’s weekly brown-bag lunch gathering starting at about 11:30 a.m. V, Jan. 24.
At noon Thursday, Rick Nebel will provide a presentation on his development of a DC transformer.

About 100 years ago, there was a dispute between Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla about whether the United States would run on alternating current (AC) power or direct current (DC) power.


Tesla ended up winning that battle solely on the basis that it is easy to move the voltages and currents up and down with AC power using transformers.


This made long distance transmission possible. Although it is now possible to do this with DC power, it is neither cheap nor simple.


What Nebel has invented is an inexpensive and simple way to transform (efficiently change the voltage up or down while maintaining the power available) DC voltages and currents.


Instead of using wires and iron cores like AC transformers do, his DC transformer uses a plasma, helical electrodes and an axial magnetic field.


The transformation of the DC voltages and currents relies on newly discovered physics that is based on MHD dynamo behavior.


Tibbar Technologies, Nebel’s company, has signed an agreement with Exelon Corporation, a very large east coast power company, to pursue this technology.


They estimate that this is potentially a $10,000,000,000/year business. Nebel filed a provisional patent last November. He is presently building/operating a proof-of-principle experiment (in the back of Village Arts on DP Road) to test this concept.


At Thursday’s brown-bag lunch meeting, Nebel will discuss the physics, the technology, and give an update on the present status of the project.


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