Revised Outdoor Advertising Requirements Approved


Santa Fe – The State Transportation Commission has approved revisions to the New Mexico Department of Transportation’s Outdoor Advertising Requirement. The current rules were adopted in 1998 and had not been revised since then. 

The revised rules include application and permit fee increases and provisions governing the use of changeable electronic variable message technology on off-premise advertising signs (also known as digital billboards.) The NMDOT was tasked with developing standards concerning digital technology on off-premise signs since no such state standards were in place in New Mexico.

The State Transportation Commission approved two additional amendments during its meeting today in Santa Fe. The first amendment requires off-premises digital billboards to be spaced at least 1,000 feet apart regardless of face orientation. NMDOT and representatives of Scenic America and the outdoor advertising industry also agreed to an amendment to restrict off-premises digital billboards to municipalities, towns and villages.

“This rulemaking effort was a collaborative process, and the NMDOT wants to thank everyone who participated in the process,” said NMDOT Outdoor Advertising Manager Michael Otero.